March 2, 2020

Contact: Hannah Packman, 202-554-1600

SAVANNAH – For her work investigating the effects of consolidation and monopolization in the food and agriculture sectors, National Farmers Union (NFU) today awarded Leah Douglas with its 2020 Milt Hakel Agriculture Communications Award.

Douglas, who is currently an associate editor and staff writer at the Food and Environment Reporting Network (FERN), has written for a number of notable publications, including The Washington Post, The Guardian, NPR, and The Nation. She previously founded and wrote Food & Power, a resource dedicated to food sector consolidation, and held several jobs across the food system, working on farms, managing a CSA, and developing rural food buying cooperatives.

“As fewer and fewer companies consolidate control of the American food system, Leah’s peerless reporting on the implications for family farmers, rural communities, and the environment has proven crucial,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “In writing about issues like price fixing, the degradation of air and water quality in rural communities, the decline of rural economies, and the abuse of contract poultry growers, she has called attention to the many dangers of corporate power and the urgent need to restore competition in agricultural markets.”

The Milt Hakel Agriculture Communications Award is presented to reporters or news outlets that demonstrate exceptional reporting of agricultural issues. The award was named in honor of Milton D. Hakel, a highly respected Farmers Union communicator. A list of past recipients of the award can be viewed here.

“Each year, we celebrate journalists who provide fair and consistent coverage of the issues most important to Farmers Union members,” said Johnson. “Awardees are selected for their objective and insightful reporting and promotion of public discourse. Because of her strong record on both counts, I’m proud to recognize Leah Douglas this year with our Milt Hakel Agriculture Communications Award.”


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