Access to Markets: Indiana Cooperative Development Center

May 2, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Hannah Ruth Tabler, NFU Intern For beginning farmers, getting a start in the agriculture industry can be difficult. Without a supportive network and educational resources, aspiring growers can find themselves at a loss for where to start in an industry where connection is key. Thankfully, organizations like the Indiana Cooperative Development Center offer support … Read More

Access to Capital: FSA Loan Guidebook

April 24, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Hannah Ruth Tabler, NFU Intern Many beginning farmers, after earning enough experience to feel confident starting their own operation, cannot afford the high upfront costs associated with such an endeavor. At the same time, new producers often lack extensive credit history or adequate collateral for traditional loan providers. This makes it difficult to start … Read More

Access to Efficiency: Beginning Farmers and the House Farm Bill Proposal

April 17, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Hannah Packman, NFU Communications Coordinator Although farmers and ranchers with all levels of experience rely on farm bill programs for technical and financial assistance, they are of particular importance to beginning farmers. Beginning farmers, by definition, do not have access to many of the same resources more established producers do. Most obviously, newcomers do … Read More

Access to Markets: Ohio Employee Ownership Center

April 10, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Hannah Ruth Tabler, NFU Intern For beginning farmers, getting a foothold in the agriculture industry can be difficult. One of the foremost challenges facing beginning farmers today is a lack of access to appropriate markets. Many farmers, young and old, have turned to the cooperative business model to increase their profit and reap the … Read More

Access to Efficiency: Learning As You Go

March 27, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Nate Brownlee, Co-Owner and Operator of Nightfall Farm When you start a farm, there’s no definite starting point. Well before you ever have plants in the ground or animals to graze, you’re already deep into planning and dreaming. By the time we moved home from New England, we already knew (roughly) what we wanted … Read More

Access to Efficiency: 5 Reasons to Join Farmers Union

February 20, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Sherri Dugger, Indiana Farmers Union’s Media and Outreach Director, Co-Owner and Operator of Dugger Family Farm I was an easy sell. When I first met Rob Davies, the marketing manager for Indiana Farmers Union, in late 2016 at a local coffee shop in Danville, Indiana, it took him about 15 minutes to sell me on … Read More

Access to Efficiency: Seed Treatment

February 14, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Tom Driscoll, Director of NFU Foundation and Conservation Policy Beginning farmers who grow grains know that the time between planting and emergence in the field can be perilous for their crops. Pathogens in the soil or on seeds can overtake or impair the growth of a seedling, damaging yields and – ultimately – profitability. … Read More

Access to Efficiency: Learning How to Farm

February 6, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Liz Brownlee, Co-Owner & Operator of Nightfall Farm My husband, Nate, knew one thing as a high schooler: he would never, ever work as a farmer. His high school summer job was on a grain farm near Franklin, Indiana, and while his bosses treated him well, the work was not, in his opinion, the … Read More

FMSA: Develop Your Farm Food Safety Plan

February 2, 2018Beginning Farmers, Education

Upcoming Training: Develop Your Farm Food Safety Plan Michigan Farmers Union is offering 4 workshops around the state to help you develop your Farm Food Safety Plan. While this is not required by FSMA, it will help growers get organized and focus on produce safety in their unique operations. The training is free however, preregistration … Read More