May 25, 2023 

Media Contact:

Michigan Farmers Union President Bob Thompson

(989) 289-4051


LANSING – Today, Chair of the House Agriculture Committee in Michigan, Reggie Miller (D-31), introduced the “Agricultural Equipment Repair Act” HB 4673. 

The bill would ensure farmers and ranchers in the state of Michigan have the right to access the tools and equipment they need to repair their own farm equipment. 

“Michigan Farmers Union appreciates Chair Miller standing up for farmers and ranchers’ Right to Repair,” said Michigan Farmers Union President Bob Thompson. “For too long, farm equipment manufacturers have refused to make the software tools and parts needed to repair modern tractors, combines, and other farm equipment fully available to farmers and independent mechanics. It’s time to pass agricultural Right to Repair in Michigan.” 

Momentum to ensure farmers and ranchers have fair and affordable access to repair is growing across the country and right here in Michigan. Recently, Colorado became the first state in the country to enact Right to Repair legislation for agricultural equipment. Similar bills have also been proposed in at least 16 states across the country. 

Right to Repair is a key issue in National Farmers Union’s Fairness for Farmers campaign, which aims to build fairer and more competitive agricultural markets, and to address the monopoly crisis in agriculture.  


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